Arturo de Alba, our CEO, gives a brief introduction to nearshoring and how our company can provide you with efficient and cost-effective software development talent.
Arturo de Alba, Rightsource's CEO, explains the financial advantages of nearshoring your software development project.

Strengthen and tune up your IT team while maintaining efficient use of your resources.

Mexico holds the 5th position worldwide in outsourced services, including Support, Contact Centers, and Back Office with more than 625,000 IT professionals.

Over the past years, global enterprise spending in digital-related services has been the fastest-growing segment of the services market. Mexico has responded with innovative training stratagems within both companies and colleges. As business-wise, leaders express interest in seeking out for cost-efficient and realizing the value that nearshoring in Mexico can bring to their customers, products, and operations.

The Rates are typically 30% lower than what a comparable consultant would earn in Silicon Valley when the work is performed locally, and 60% lower or more when done off-site. This gives clients the flexibility to determine the on-site/off-site ratio, given particular project requirements and in order to control costs.

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