Our CEO, explains the multiple aspects in which your software development projects can benefit by working with us.
Have you ever wondered to work with Mexican software development talent? Arturo de Alba, our CEO, gives a brief explanation of all the advantages you get from working with Mexico development teams rather than teams from India.
Our CEO, Arturo de Alba, talks about the advantages of building teams that belong together in terms of culture & values.

Teams are about union. Bring talent closer to your home, time schedule and culture.

When cost is not a key factor and talent is available, you may want to keep development in-house. But in other cases, there will also be some projects that are well suited for a traditional waterfall approach and will work well through existing remote teams. In these cases, there may not be a need for a change in the model.

However, a more iterative approach or more frequent communications will frequently be required. A committed Nearshore team will provide a better alternative in these cases:

  • Physical proximity and similar time zone

  • Cultural compatibility and ease of doing business

  • Cost savings through lower Total Cost of Engagement

Ease of doing business in Mexico because of its market size, Mexico has not only been an important manufacturer and provider of services to the U.S. but is an important market for U.S. businesses. In many cases, companies have mature operations in the country due to its proximity and cost advantage. Mexico is close. Most large cities are within a 4 hour flight of the Bay Area (with typical costs around $400 roundtrip). It is on Central Time -only 2 time zones away- so you can reach your consultant during normal business hours and at a moment's notice. Mexican citizens have access to special NAFTA visas (“TN”); they are easy to apply for and have no yearly cap. (Unlike H1B visas, where applications must be made months in advance and limits are reached within hours). We take care of all of this.

Our teams specialize in high-touch engagements, which decrease risk and enable accelerated development. We have a large pool of seasoned technical and functional resources, many of which are certified in traditional or agile development methodologies, as well as broader frameworks Our employee profile is college educated. We allow them to improve their English and develop negotiation skills.

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